Easy Ways to Reduce your Heating Oil Cost

Easy Ways to Reduce your Heating Oil Cost

Tips to keep your Heating Oil Cost Low

Eagle Petroleum EasyTips to Reduce Home Heating Oil Cost As a homeowner every dollar of your budget must be accounted for, especially when it comes to your utilities. Your heating oil cost is probably one of your largest bills and if not planned for accordingly, could jump exceedingly high – even when ordering from a discount heating oil provider. Eagle Petroleum has highlighted our top 6 easy tips to reduce your heating oil cost. This list includes simple cost reducing tricks for your house and your fuel oil tank.

6 Tips to Reduce Heating Oil Cost

Locate & Seal Air Leaks. Reducing your heating oil cost should start inside your home, rather than your fuel tank. Once the weather starts to cool down you should remove your A/C window units & safely store them. Afterwards, inspect your windows, doors, attic, basement and exterior walls for air leaks, if you find any, re-caulk them immediately.

Let in Sunlight.
During the daytime, open those window curtains and let in the natural sunlight. When the sun starts to set, make sure you close them tight to seal in all that warmth.

Tip: Buy heavy duty, blackout curtains for the winter time to keep in as much of your heat as possible.Eagle Petroleum Trenton New Jersey Lower Heating Oil Cost Tips

Bundle Up.
When all else fails, throw on a heavy sweatshirt, an extra pair of socks or curl up with a blanket. A few extra layers will allow you to keep your thermostat set a bit lower and save on heating oil.

Upgrade your Thermostat
. If you’re still using an analog thermostat, you may want to consider upgrading and installing a new thermostat in your home. Programmable, wireless and smart thermostats give you more flexible heating & cooling options such as pre-scheduled adjustments, controlling the temperature remotely through your phone & more.

Order Fuel at the Right Time.
While the colder season is the busiest time people of the year homeowners buy heating oil, it is not the smartest time financial. Demand and prices are both higher in the winter. Save yourself some money by purchasing in the off-season (late spring and summer).

Keep your Tank Full.
Besides safety reasons, it is a good rule of thumb to keep your oil tank at least half way full at all times. You’re never buying too much at one time, plus you know your heating oil system won’t run out on a frigid winter night.

Fuel Oil Delivery in Trenton, NJ

While our above tips will help you save money on your heating oil bill, you should always make sure you’re getting a good deal on fuel cost from the beginning. Eagle Petroleum is a discount home heating oil delivery company based in Trenton, NJ, serving the surrounding areas. See a list of our locations served, if you do not see your area call us to verify availability. Order your discount heating oil online for year-round service.

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