How to Prepare for Fuel Oil Delivery

How to Prepare for Fuel Oil Delivery

Tips to Prepare your Home for a Fuel Oil Delivery

Eagle Petroleum Trenton NJ Fuel Oil Delivery PreparationWhen you place a heating oil order, once payment is made and delivery date is confirmed, your job as a homeowner is not over yet. For the safety of our drivers and to ensure a smooth fuel oil delivery process, Eagle Petroleum has highlighted several easy tips we ask homeowners to follow. By sticking to the guidelines we’ve outlined below, you ensure delivery is quick and stress free for yourself and for our delivery drivers. Read below how you can prepare your yard, driveway and surrounding property for an efficient fuel oil delivery process.

6 Fuel Oil Delivery Preparation Tips

Visible House Number. It is important your house number is clearly marked and visible to ensure our drivers can find your home with ease. If our drivers are unable to identify your house number quickly, your heating oil delivery could be delayed.

Clear Driveway. Our fuel trucks are quite large and we need plenty of room to park and maneuver the hose from the truck to your tank. If possible, move all cars from the driveway and ensure a clear path is available.

Remove Snow & Ice. For safety reasons, we ask that all snow is removed and salt is thrown down onto icy areas. If we deem the property unsafe due to weather-related conditions, our drivers cannot complete the delivery until it has been cleared.How to Prepare for Fuel Oil Delivery

Keep Pets Inside. Even if your pet is friendly, it can cause a distraction and delay the delivery process. The area surrounding the tank should also be clear of pet dropping.  

Know the Fuel Tank Location. When placing your order, please be as specific as possible with the instructions and directions to locate your fuel tank – especially if you will not be home.

Ensure Fuel Tank is Accessible. Fuel tank should be visible and easily accessible, meaning free of overgrown shrubs, debris, puddles and animal waste. It is important our drivers can easily locate and get to the tank to provide a quick and efficient fuel oil Eagle Petroleum Fuel Oil Delivery in Trenton NJdelivery service.

Home Heating Oil in Trenton, NJ

Following the above steps ensures our drivers do not face any unexpected problems that could delay your home heating oil delivery. Eagle Petroleum proudly delivers to Trenton, NJ & the surrounding areas – see all locations served. Easily order your heating oil online or give us a call at 609-394-5078 (NJ) or 215-736-3001 (PA).

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