Spring & Summer Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

Spring & Summer Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

Homeowner Energy Saving Tips during Warmer Weather

Eagle Petroleum Homeowner Summertime Energy Saving TipsThe snow is melting, the birds are chirping and spring has finally arrived. While the time has come to shut down our heating systems for the year, soon we will be turning on the A/C. A home’s HVAC system needs a lot of energy to run, which costs a good amount of money. Fortunately, Eagle Petroleum, discount heating oil delivery service, knows a few energy saving tips you can incorporate easily into your lifestyle during the spring and summer months.

6 Energy Saving Tips for Spring & Summertime

Fill your Oil Tank: Once the weather warms and the heat is turned off, prices of home heating oil immediately go down. Take advantage of this money saving opportunity by filling your tank when the season is over. Not only is a full tank important for winter maintenance & care, but you’ll receive fast delivery at a fraction of the cost come fall.

Use your Ceiling Fans: A ceiling fan uses minimal amounts of energy. In the early spring, opt to open the windows and turn your fans on when the weather is still moderate. When summer comes, use the ceiling fans along with the AC, which allows you to set it at a milder temperature. Always turn the fans off when you’re not in the room; they will not work to cool the room, just your family.

Grill your Food: Your stove not only contributes to your energy bill, but it also releases heat, forcing the AC to work harder. Instead, head out to the back deck to spend a few hours enjoying the weather and cooking on your propane grill. Don’t forget to turn your thermostat up a bit while you’re not in the house.

Install Programmable Thermostat: A programmable thermostat will help you efficiently manage your energy usage and cost, while maintaining a comfortable home all year long.

Perform Weatherproofing: Cracks and seals in doors and windows allow heating and cooling to leak, making the system work harder and costing your money. One of the best energy savings tips to keep cost down is to inspect for gabs, holes and cracks seasonally. Seal any you find right away for proper insulation.

Service your Fuel Oil Tank & HVAC System: Preventative maintenance should be performed on your furnace at least once per year, before you turn it on for the winter. An inspection of your heating system and oil tank ensures it will run smoothly when the weather turns cold. It can also help to prevent any major breakdowns within the system. Also, keep an eye out for signs you need to upgrade the oil tank.

Heating Oil Delivery Service in Trenton, NJ

Eagle Petroleum is strictly a fuel oil delivery company, we do not offer any repair or maintenance services on your HVAC system. We deliver year round for your convenience! Easily purchase online or call 609-394-5078 for questions or phone orders.

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