Reasons You Should Maintain a Full Heating Oil Tank

Reasons You Should Maintain a Full Heating Oil Tank

Important Benefits of a Full Heating Oil Tank

Eagle Petroleum Reasons to Maintain Full Heating Oil TankThe green lush of spring has eliminated any trace of the frigid cold winter and you can finally turn your heating system off for the remainder of the season. But, before you completely forget about your heating oil tank, make sure you check the fuel tank gauge to ensure it is reading at least half full. A tank left with low levels of oil is very dangerous and could end up costing you greatly once the temperatures start to drop come late September. Eagle Petroleum, a discount heating oil delivery company, offers insight as to the importance of maintaining a full heating oil tank all year long.

8 Reasons to Keep a Full Heating Oil Tank

Prevent Condensation: This is, by far, the most important reason you should keep a full heating tank all year long. When there is empty space in your home oil tank, water condensation can form and create bacteria and sediment sludge that will clog the fuel lines. After several months, clogged lines can lead to a complete system failure and cost you greatly. At all costs, homeowners with a heating tank system want to avoid condensation and sludge buildup.

Convenient Delivery Dates/Times: When you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil you can schedule deliveries at your own convenience!

Saves Money on Refills: The less oil you need to reach a full tank, the less money you will spend on your heating oil delivery.

Never Caught in the Cold: The most obvious reason to always have a full oil tank is that you’re fully prepared when the weather turns unseasonably cool. Unpredictable weather patterns mean it could be in the breezy 70s during the day then drop to 40 once night falls. When this happens, you won’t have to worry about bundling up, because there’s plenty of leftover oil in your tank.

Eliminate Expensive Cleanup: When sludge and condensation build up at the bottom of your tank, it is very expensive to hire a professional company to come out and clean it up. Many times, your only option is to replace the heating oil tank.

Fend Off Corrosion & Rust: A full heating oil tank ensures you keep rust and corrosion at bay. You generally will not notice the corrosion until you notice leaking, which is then too late for any sort of repairs.

Prevent HVAC System Failure: Tank corrosion, rust, sludge and condensation all work hand-in-hand to ruin your HVAC system!

Discount Off-Season Prices: Since heating oil prices fluctuate based on demand, you’ll be saving yourself money by filling up in the off season!

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