Reasons to Avoid Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Reasons to Avoid Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

An Argument Against Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Services

Eagle Petroleum Reasons to Avoid Automatic Heating Oil Delivery CompaniesWhile the “set it and forget it” aspect of automatic heating oil delivery makes it an appealing option for busy homeowners, there are several major drawbacks to this service you may not be aware of. When signing up with a new home heating oil delivery company make sure you ask whether they’re offering auto oil deliver or on-demand services. If the company only offers auto home fuel delivery it is beneficial for you to do some research to be sure it is the best option for your budget & oil needs. Eagle Petroleum offers five reasons you should avoid automatic heating oil delivery.

5 Reasons to Avoid Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Companies

Based on Estimates: This service is solely based on an estimated amount of oil consumption for a 30-day period. It does not account for any major changes in usage like being on vacation for 2-weeks. This can sometimes lead to back-to-back deliveries or running out of oil too soon.

Premium Pricing: It is common for the prices of fuel oil to fluctuate based on demand and time of year. However, with an automatic delivery you are locked into high, premium pricing and not afforded the benefit of off-season discounts.

“First Fill” Discounts Quickly Skyrocket: Many homeowners are lured into automatic deliveries through a first fill discount price that is significantly less expensive than the going rate. However, when the next bill appears the price has nearly tripled!

Stuck in a Contract: To secure your recurring deliveries and payments you will be asked to sign a contract, usually for a 12-month period. These contracts are notoriously difficult to break without paying a large fee upfront to cancel the automatic heating oil delivery service.

Rely on Company to Schedule Deliveries: While some may view this as a convenience, auto oil deliveries do not take into consideration vacation periods and unseasonably warm temperatures. This can lead to running out of fuel oil unexpectedly or overpaying for too many deliveries.

On-demand Oil Delivery Services in NJ & PA

Eagle Petroleum only offers our clients on-demand heating oil delivery – no contracts ever! Based in Trenton, NJ, we serve the surrounding areas in Mercer County NJ and Bucks County, PA. We are a family-owned and operated discount fuel oil delivery company proudly serving residential and commercial clients for over 85 years!

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