Fuel Oil Tank Chart

Fuel Delivery in NJ & PA

The heating fuel oil tank chart below is an estimate of the amount of gallons in your tank. Use a tank stick to measure the inches of oil currently in your tank then match up the inches with the size of your oil tank that corresponds on our chart below. To accurately measure how much heating oil you’ll need for each fuel delivery first you must know the size of your fuel tank. Once you have your tank size, you only need to refer to that down column on the chart. Next, insert your oil tank measuring stick to show the inches of oil left in your tank. This will now indicate whether your tank is low and needs to be filled, or if you are good for another few weeks. For example, if you have a 275 horizontal tank and the measuring stick is reading a depth of 5” it is time to buy heating oil. Eagle Petroleum offers fuel delivery throughout parts of NJ and PA. For a full list of all our fuel delivery areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, click here or call 609-394-5078 (NJ) or 215-736-3001 (PA) to see if we can delivery in your area. 

Eagle Petroleum Trenton NJ Fuel Delivery Tank Chart

Discount Heating Oil Delivery Services

Eagle Petroleum is proud to offer discount prices on home heating oil delivery for homes and offices throughout NJ and PA. Order directly through our website for a fast, convenient and simple delivery process. Fill out our order form and make your payment online, afterwards you will receive confirmation along with delivery date/time within a few hours of placing your order. For more information on how to place an order or what you can expect from a fuel delivery from Eagle Petroleum, visit our FAQs page or call 609-394-5078 (NJ) or 215-736-3001 (PA).