Expert Tips to Save on Heating Oil Cost

Expert Tips to Save on Heating Oil Cost

Save Money on Heating Oil: A Homeowners Guide

Eagle Petroleum Save Money on Home Heating Oil DeliveryThere are many benefits to homes that use heating oil, one being that it is very cost effective compared to propane and electric heating. However, homeowners today need to be frugal with the rising cost of groceries, gas and other essential items. Eagle Petroleum, a discount heating oil delivery company, gives our expert opinion in ways you can easily save on the cost of heating oil. Below you will find 10 tips to save on heating oil this winter and beyond. For even more ways to save, check out Spring & Summer energy saving tips.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Cost on Home Heating Oil

Reconsider Automatic Delivery: While convenient in theory, many home heating oil delivery companies charge extra per gallon for this service. Revisit your contract to ensure you’re not paying more when you could simply order as-needed.

Order in the Off Season: Even if you ended the cold season with ½ a tank it is still a good idea to top it off in the summer season when prices are at their lowest. This way, if the weather starts to turn early, you’re well prepared and saved yourself money!

Don’t Wait until Empty: Never let your heating oil tank fall below 1/8 full. Not only could this cause damage to your entire heating system, but you may run out of heating oil before a delivery is available. View our tank chart to learn how to measure the amount of gallons in your tank.

Avoid Added Fees: Review your bill carefully to look for hidden fees and added cost for fuel, delivery time, etc. A reputable heating oil delivery company never hides pricing or extra charges.

Reduce Heating Oil Usage: Simple tips to reduce heating oil consumption include lowering the temperature during the day, bundling up to keep the thermostat down, buying heavy duty blackout curtains to keep the heat in and much more.

Install Programmable Thermostat (EP): A programmable thermostat allows you to automatically adjust the temperature when no one is home through your smartphone. This relatively inexpensive device, installed by a licensed electrician, could save you hundreds on your yearly heating oil fees.

Seal Drafts: Drafty doors waste hundreds of dollars in heating cost every year. For a less expensive option to replacing the door, you can simply use foam tape to seal off the drafts.

Upgrade Insulation: Insulation keeps the warm are inside your home and the cold air outside. If your home is a bit older it is a good idea to call a professional contractor to inspect the quality and amount of insulation in your house.

Replace Old Windows: Same as doors, windows are a huge factor to letting out precious warm air. Upgrade your windows to more energy-efficient models to save you money on your heating oil and other utility bills.

Buy from Discount Heating Oil Supplier: The benefits of purchasing from a discount oil company, such as Eagle Petroleum, are endless. Besides the freedom of ordering when you want and only the amount you need, you’re not locked into a contract, afforded the best pricing and receive your order in a timely manner.

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