Common Home Fuel Oil Myths Debunked

Common Home Fuel Oil Myths Debunked

Home Fuel Oil Myths

Oil heat has been used to keep homes and commercial properties heated for almost 100 years! Despite its consistent popularity, home fuel oil is one of the most misunderstood sources of energy. There are dozens of myths, false claims and untrue facts circulating the internet and Eagle Petroleum is here to debunk 5 common home fuel oil myths. Learn the truth and multiple benefits of using home heating oil from an industry supplier with over 80 years of delivery experience!


5 Home Fuel Oil Myths, Debunked

Eagle Petroleum Home Fuel Oil Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Heating oil is bad for the environment.

Debunked: With advancements in purifying technology, oil has become one of the cleanest options to heat homes. Compared to oil used in the 1980s, it is now 90% cleaner, virtually soot free, has far fewer emissions and is biodegradable. Further, oil heat is so clean it does not need to be regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act.

Myth 2: Home heating oil is dangerous.

Debunked: Fuel oil is not highly flammable at room temperate. In order to burn, you’d have to heat the oil to 140 degrees!

Myth 3: Oil heat is expensive.

Debunked: Although the price of oil fluctuates, Eagle Petroleum is able to offer consistently low discount fuel oil prices to our customers. We’re able to do this, because we have direct access to the Colonial Pipeline – other fuel oil companies buy from us! We operate a wholesale division which serves most of the other fuel oil companies and we also use our own trucks to deliver. Learn a tips on how to save on your heating oil cost.

Myth 4: Home heating oil isn’t energy efficient.

Debunked: The BTU output of heating oil is comparable to most other fuels. Furthermore, modern (after 1980) heating oil systems are energy efficient, which means they use less oil to produce the same degree of heat.

Myth 5: Home oil systems are inefficient.

Debunked: Efficiency has more to do with your system than the actual fuel oil. Well cared for furnaces can last for 50+ years. Today’s furnaces run with up to 95% efficiency!

Heating Oil Delivery in Trenton, NJ

Eagle Petroleum Home Fuel Oil Delivery Services

Learn more about heating oil from the experts at Eagle Petroleum. For over 80 years, we’ve provided high quality home heating oil to clients in NJ and PA. See our specific discount heating oil delivery areas. We make it easy to buy oil online, saving you time and money! Call to ask about next day delivery for emergency situations.

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