Benefits of Using a Discount Oil Company

Benefits of Using a Discount Oil Company

Discount Oil Company Benefits

Eagle Petroleum Benefits Discount Oil Delivery CompanyWith so many different variations of home heating oil companies (COD, discount, full service), it’s hard to know if you’re choosing the best one for your budget and fuel oil requirements. Learn the many benefits of using a discount oil company like Eagle Petroleum for all of your home heating oil needs this winter.

10 Benefits to Using a Discount Oil Company

Freedom: The biggest benefit to purchasing heating oil through a COD discount company is the freedom it allows you as a consumer. Order what you need & when you need it, saving you time and money on every heating oil delivery purchase.

Purchase ONLY what you need: While other companies mandate a minimum gallon and/or dollar amount, a discount oil company allows you to purchase as much or as little as you need.

Competitive Pricing Market: Discount oil companies are not generally affected by inflation and since there is a lot of competition pricing is relatively low & stable.

High Quality Fuel: COD home heating oil businesses have access to the same high quality fuel as any mainstream company. Especially at Eagle Petroleum, as we have direct connection to the Colonial Pipeline!

Dependability: You never want to be stuck in the cold without heating oil! Generally, discount companies deliver your order within 24 hours of purchase. Ask about emergency deliveries as well.

Flexible Deliveries: With the ability to buy heating oil online or pay over the phone, you don’t need to be home when the shipment arrives!Eagle Petroleum NJ Discount Oil Delivery Company Benefits

No Contract Requirement: When you use a COD discount oil company you are not locked into any sort of long-term contract, which provides the flexibility to shop around for the best pricing.

Upfront Pricing: Eagle Petroleum displays our prices prominently throughout our website so you’ll never be shocked when the final price appears on your bill.

Easy Payment Options: COD means you have the flexibility to pay online using a credit card or you can pay cash upon delivery. At Eagle Petroleum we also accept energy assistance checks.

Professional Delivery: All heating oil deliveries are done by a professional driver with many years of experience in the industry. To make the process even easier, learn how you can prepare for a fuel oil delivery.

Home Heating Oil Deliveries

When searching for a fuel oil supplier, you’ll want to have an experienced and reliable company on your side. Eagle Petroleum has been delivering oil to residential and commercial properties since 1934 and guarantee reliable deliveries and high quality oil at fair prices. Call 609-394-5078 for orders or buy heating oil online.

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