Benefits of Buying a House that Uses Oil Heat

Benefits of Buying a House that Uses Oil Heat

Benefits of Buying a Home with Oil Heat

Eagle Petroleum Benefits of Buying NJ Home with Oil HeatThere are many factors to consider when purchasing a home such as the year it was built, square footage, neighborhood, school district and last date of roof repair service. Often overlooked is the kind of heating system the home uses and what fuels the HVAC system. The kind of fuel your home needs for heat is very important when it comes to energy costs and comfort level; fuel types include propane, natural gas, electric or oil heat. Each has its own benefits, but Eagle Petroleum has highlighted 6 reasons why you should buy a home in New Jersey or Pennsylvania that uses oil heat!

6 Benefits of Homes that Use Oil Heat

Cost Effective. Compared to propane and electric heating, the cost of heating oil has stayed relatively the same (considering inflation) for almost 50 years! There are even ways to reduce heating oil cost even further!

Burns Hot. Another reason oil heat is more cost efficient than other heating methods is because of how hot it burns. The high heat allows the oil to warm your home quickly.Eagle Petroleum Benefits to Buy Home Using Oil Heat System

Long-Lasting HVAC Equipment. With regular maintenance, oil-fired HVAC systems can last twice as long as electric heated homes.

Plentiful Supply. You’ll rarely have to worry about an oil heat shortage in the cold winter months. Eagle Petroleum has direct access to the Colonial Pipeline, ensuring we always have a steady supply ready to deliver to your home in NJ and PA!

Safe. One home fuel oil myth is that it is highly flammable, but that is simply not true. Oil heat is not flammable at room temperature, it would need to heat to 140 degrees.

Flexible Control. With home heating oil, you order when you need it or when you want to refill the tank, which is best to do in the offseason. You’re not controlled by the utility companies like electric heat homeowners. You get to decide which heating oil delivery company is best for you!

Home Heating Oil Delivery in NJ & PA

No matter the reason you may be in the market for a new home, don’t discredit the ones that use oil heating! As you can see, there are many benefits to using fuel oil to heat your home. Call the experts at Eagle Petroleum to learn more about heating oil! If you’re ready to order, view our discount heating oil delivery areas. Plus, you can buy oil online right through our website! Call 609-394-5078 for phone or emergency orders.

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